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No. Job title Name Specialty
1 Deputy Chief Engineer Chen-Yu Chen 1.Management of sediment disaster 2.Numerical simulation of sediment disaster 3.Investigation and risk evaluation of sediment disaster 4.Planning and design of warning system
2 Section Chief Yu-Hua Wu 1.Information management 2.Data processing
3 Systems Analyst Chen-Ying Chan 1.Information system analysis 2.Information management 3.Information security
4 Systems Coordinator Peng-Chih Hung 1.Information management 2.Network management 3.Data processing
5 Systems Coordinator Sheng-Nan Huang 1.Information and personal security management system 2.Planning, design and management of information system 3.Planning and design of video conferencing during the disaster
6 Associate Engineer Bai-Yi Kao 1. Soil and Water Conservation Engineering Planning and Design 2.Watershed Management
7 Assistant Engineer Wan-Yu Chan 1. Soil and Water Conservation Engineering Planning and Design 2. Rural Regeneration
8 Assistant Systems Designer Hsin-Chih Hsu 1.Information management 2.Data processing 3.Geophysics
9 Postdoctoral Fellow Chia-Hsing Lin 1.Field investigation of sediment disaster 2.Numerical simulation of river hydraulic 3. Flume experiment test
10 Assistant Researcher Yu-Po Lin 1.Multidimensional Scaling, MDS 2.Digital Archives 3.Graphic design
11 Research Assistant Pai, Pei-Hsin 1. Soil and water conservation 2. Terrain modeling and analysis 3. UAV application
12 Research Assistant Chen, Chao-Tsen 1. Interpretation of large scaled landslide 2.Investigation of large scaled landslide 3.Geological survey
13 Research Assistant Pei-Yu Shih 1.Hydrology & Seepage 2. Data analysis 3. Marketing operation
14 Contract Employee Mei-Yen Li 1.Information management 2.Data processing
15 Contract Employee Wey-Chien Wu 1. Administrative business of information